IRIDES is dedicated to the development, production and marketing of innovative high-quality animal health products and feed additives. We aim to deliver affordable and quality medication for animals.

Iride's business philosophy is driven on delivering value to its stakeholders constantly inspiring its people to innovate, achieve excellence and set new benchmarks. We want to be the pioneer in the industry substantiating on our business philosophy together with maximizing our performance.




Our company’s broader aim thrives on serving the wellbeing of the animals. Irides works on fulfilling the demands of the customer and adding value, whilst improving the performance and maximizing the value creation.

Iride's range focuses on marketing high quality products that are cost effective and economical. All products are tested thoroughly at different stages of production, packing, and distribution, to ensure optimum quality. As a part of our differentiation strategy, Iride's packaging appeals to the customer together with good quality enhancing the customer satisfaction. We are built to serve a broad portfolio of products that care and are affordable to safe guard the lives of our beloved animals.




We, at Irides, focus on building and growing trustworthy and long-term relationships with pet lovers, farmers and veterinarians, worldwide.



“Our vision is to be a leading veterinary pharmaceutical company in India and to become a significant player by providing high quality, affordable and innovative solutions in medicine and treatment.”


“We will discover, develop and successfully market veterinary pharmaceutical products to prevent, diagnose, alleviate and cure diseases. We thrive on providing total customer satisfaction and achieve leadership in select markets, products and services across the country. We are responsible to the society. We aim to be good corporate citizens and will be driven by high ethical standards in our practices.”

Chief Architect

Dr. N. Elangovan, an experienced professional with close to 3 decades of experience in the animal health industry founded Irides Life Wellness Solutions Private Limited in 2018. IRIDES has an established branding strategy, with the acquisition of 19 brands to the product portfolio strategy. The 19 brands in the portfolio that were acquired have a market presence ranging from 7-16 years, with significant share of the acquired brands having 16 years of market presence.

Dr. N. Elangovan's successful track record as a National Executive in Corporates previously and capabilities in building and growing animal health companies, over the last one and a half decades, substantiate the aggressive growth strategy focused by Irides Life Wellness Solutions Private Limited. Having 14 years of experience as an entrepreneur in veterinary care products are highlighted to be the most effective.

Irides Life Wellness Solutions Private Limited was started by the Dr. N. Elangovan in the year 2018. Dr. Elangovan’s close to 3 decades experience working in the animal health industry as a successful, profits and high-performance driven professional with a proven record of achievement, and significant contribution to the profitability of employers. Strong leadership experience both at a regional level and the national level, and in working in Corporates, position Dr Elangovan’s ability to maximise the performance of the members of the team.

In his earlier assignments he worked for:

  • M/S. Himalaya Drug Company - As Business Manager Animal Health Care
  • M/S. Indo Bio Care P Ltd - As National Business Head Marketing Lohmann & Elanco Products
  • Merind LTD, A Wockhardt Enterprise - As Regional Manager
  • Fort Dodge Animal Health - As Area Manager

Dr. Elangovan has the experience of growing in his career from an entry level position to a National Executive in Corporates. Understanding the structure of the animal health industry, and animal health companies in India and the impact of global market trends, he is good at launching products, concept selling and business restructuring. He continues to believe in the growth opportunity in the animal health industry in India, and wants to structure Irides Life Wellness Solutions Private Limited with the core focus on pet and livestock animals.

Why Irides?

  • check icon Established in July 2018, Irides Life Wellness Solutions Private Limited has been one of the fastest growing animal health companies. Its strong presence in the major pet products, and expanding range favour the growth of the company.
  • check icon Irides Life Wellness Solutions Private Limited have strong distribution network to achieve the core objectives and the creation of value for the customers in the major pet products.
  • check icon Irides Life Wellness Solutions Private Limited has a strong team with the capabilities to effectively beat the competition and launch products successfully.

“People always build up with enough diligence, intelligence. Extracting them out results in success”.