Gold coat NF

Skin & coat vitalizing Delicious Tonic.

Contents :

Marine fish oil and vegetable oil. Omega- 3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, Vitamin E, A, D, Zinc

Presentation :

200ml, 500ml

Benefits :
  • check icon Improve skin health
  • check icon Reduce shedding
  • check icon Faster recovery from the skin diseases and allergic conditions.
  • check icon Regrowth of hair and lustrous coat shine.
  • check icon 100% oil-based supplement

Dosage :

Young Puppies :

1-2 drops twice daily and gradually increase to ½ tsp twice daily.

Adult dogs :

Medium :1-2 tsp twice daily.

Large :2-3 tsp twice daily.

In lactating bitches, exercising & growing dogs the dose may be doubled.

Cats :

½ tsp twice daily.

Horses :

15-20 ml twice daily.

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