Broad Spectrum Toxin Binder

Contents :

Unique blend of:

  • check iconMultiple chemisorbents – Phyllosillicate, HSCAS, MOS, and activated charcoal.
  • check iconOrganic acids –Acetic acid, Citric acid, Ammonium formate.
  • check iconFungicide – Calcium propionate.
  • check iconProbiotic – Bacillus subtilis.

Presentation :

1 kg and 10 kg

Benefits :

  • check iconPrevents and controls multiple mycotoxins.
  • check iconInhibits the growth of moulds and bacteria.
  • check iconReduces stress on liver and its functions.
  • check iconHelps to build good immune status.
  • check iconRemoves pathogens from the digestive tract.

Dosage :

Mixing ratio.

1kg per ton of feed.

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